Privacy Notice

Effective: December 19, 2023

Thank you for visiting the IEDB Tools website (the “Website”). Your privacy is important to us, and we want you to feel comfortable using our services. This Privacy Notice outlines the types of personal information we may collect, how we use it, and how we protect it.

Information We Collect

We collect the following types of information when you use our Website:

  • Personal Information: Email addresses are collected only when a user voluntarily requests to be notified of prediction requests results by email. No other personal information is ever collected.

  • Usage Data: IP addresses, page visits, and other metrics are collected through Google Analytics and are never associated with personally identifiable information.

  • Input datasets, prediction parameters, and results: Data that are input into web forms, including input datasets, prediction parameters, and results arising from those predictions are stored indefinitely.

  • Cookies: Cookies are used by Google Analytics to collect usage information and by the Website to note your privacy preferences.

How We Use Your Information

We use the collected information for the following purposes:

  • Provide and Improve Services: Analytics data may be used to monitor website usage and make improvements to the user interface. Stored datasets, parameters, and results may be used to improve the performance of our backend systems.

  • Communicate with You: If you have explicitly opted to receive email notifications of prediction results, your email address will be used solely for this purpose.

  • Delete your data: Datasets, parameters, and results that are stored on our servers can only be deleted if an email address is provided upon data submission. Without an email address, we cannot validate the request for deletion.

  • Provide long-term storage: Datasets, parameters, and results are made accessible through stable links so that they may be shared and accessed indefinitely.

Information Sharing

We do not sell, trade, rent, or otherwise transfer your personal information or datasets to third parties without your consent.

Your Choices

You have the right to:

  • Access or Delete Your Information: Datasets, parameters, and results may be accessed through links provided upon data submission. To request deletion of this information from our systems, send an email to and include links to the datasets to be removed. If you did not provide your email address during data submission, we cannot validate your request and thus cannot delete the records from our servers.

  • Opt-Out of Analytics: Open the ‘Privacy settings’ link on the footer of the home page and select ‘Reject non-essential cookies’ to opt out of Google Analytics.

We will not discriminate against users who exercise their privacy rights.


We implement a variety of security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Changes to This Privacy Notice

We may update this Privacy Notice from time to time. Any changes will be posted on this page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Notice, please contact us at

By using our Website, you consent to the terms of this Privacy Notice.