In this section, we document commonly encountered issues and try to provide workarounds.

What are the input size limits?

PepMatch currently has an input size limit of 1,000 peptides. This limit will likely be significantly increased before the end of 2023.

Clustering currently has an input size limit of 10,000 peptides. This limit is not likely to change.

Why does PepMatch not seem to complete?

There have been cases where large lists of peptides submitted to PepMatch cause the results section to be in a constant ‘loading results’ state. To mitigate this, the user should provide an email address in the ‘Info’ section of the ‘Pipeline Map’ before running the PepMatch step. If the email address is supplied, the results are sent to email even in cases when they do not initially appear on the web page. We expect to resolve this issue before the end of 2023.

How do I get more personalized support?

For help with any topics related to the IEDB NXG Tools, please contact us at to create a ticket. Pease provide as much detail as possible, including the full URL of the page/pipeline in question, so that our agents can effectively address your issues.